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1.  Indentation size:  

2.      Preserve line-breaks

3.      Indent with tabs

4.      End output with newline

5.      Add padding spaces within parenthesis, ie. f( a, b )

6.      Add a single space inside empty paren, ie. f( )

7.      Enable jslint-stricter mode

8.      Add a space before an anonymous function's parenthesis, ie. function ()

9.      Add a space before a named function's parenthesis, i.e. function example ()

10.    Don't indent chained method calls

11.    Break chained method calls across subsequent lines

12.    Preserve array indentation

13.    Decode printable characters encoded in xNN notation

14.    Pass E4X xml literals through untouched

15.    Put commas at the beginning of new line instead of end

16.    Keep indentation on empty lines